< About us />

We’re a team of internet entrepreneurs who believe that good code doesn’t get shared often enough.

That’s because very often there is no incentive to share. CodeLicensing will change that.

On CodeLicensing you can sell any codes you want, for example:

  • PHP scripts
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Excel macros
  • Mobile apps
  • Etc.

As a buyer, you get access to quality code very quickly this way. It’s much more effective to pay a few bucks to somebody who already coded it than programming it all yourself.

Every developer has produced code which is not used anymore (or only for him or herself). Just go through your computer’s hard drive and see the codes you’ve created. That’s all value – which is mostly not used today.

To make the word spread, we offer you more than just little gimmicks: you earn hard cash by inviting users to the prelaunch-site.

You’ll get:

  • 30% of the money they spend (within 6 months after launch) and
  • 20% of the money they earn (within 6 months after launch)

For more information read our terms of use.

Also, the more people you invite, the sooner you get access to the beta-version of our site.


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